Berland’s has 3 tool superstores. Stop in or give us a ring at one of our our Lombard, Palatine or Joliet locations!

Welcome To Berland's

Hi. I’m a Tool Nut. Let me tell you about Berland’s House of Tools. If you live in the Chicagoland area and are involved in the building, construction or woodworking trades—or you’re a Tool Nut like me—you are probably familiar with Berland’s. The original store started in the 1930s on North Avenue in Chicago and specialized in paint and cleaning materials. When Dave Sherman bought Berland’s in 1969—same year as the mythic Rolling Stones tour—it began expanding into the store it is today, a 3-location tool superstore run by Dave’s son, current President and owner, Dwight Sherman, often referred to as The Toolman. (Did you ever watch an episode of Tool TV during it’s 10+ year run from 1994-2005? Did you ever hear “Name That Tool” on the legendary Jonathan Brandmeier Show? That was the Toolman.)

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Life, liberty and the pursuit of the right tool

  Berland’s is for people who need tools, people who use tools every day on the job. Who rely on tools. Berland’s is for people who recognize that locating the right tool for the job is a worthwhile pursuit. If you want cheap tools and you don’t care if they wear out in a few years, there are better places to shop than Berland’s. If you prefer tool departments to tool stores, there are better places to shop than Berland’s. If tools are not really important to you, Berland’s is no big deal.

But if you’re looking for expert tool advice, if you want to compare tool makes, models and sizes, if you want to see the latest evolution in tool technology, Berland’s is your joint. If you’re looking to buy the right tool right now, come to Berland’s. If you prefer a no-nonsense, red-blooded, full-bodied, mind-boggling tool wonderland, Berland’s is your place.  If you need bits, blades, compressors, routers, hammer drills or any of the 30,000 tools and accessories that Berland’s stocks, you know where to go. Next to the International Hardware Show, you’ve never seen so many tools in one place. In the words of the Toolman, “If we don’t have it, you don’t need it.”


And there is a service department staffed full time at each location.

Berland’s Philosophy:

  • We take our tools seriously, but not ourselves.

  • Brick and Mortar is the real deal.

  • Not a virtual store. Not a mirage.