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1969 Milestones

1969 was a tumultuous year. Woodstock blew a lot of minds, Nixon was inaugurated and we put a man on the moon. Whew! In 1969 Mae Berland ran a tool store on the far west side of Chicago that catered to the trowel and painting trades. Her husband, Joe, had started it over 30 years prior. He passed […]

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1813 Was A Big Year For Saws

The invention of the circular saw is a bit murky. Attributes have been assigned to various enterprising yet nameless Brits and possibly to an unknown 15th century Dutchman. You can see why we say it’s murky. It’s full of murk. It’s all nameless and unknown. What is known is this:  Tabitha Babbit, a Shaker spinster, […]

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